Friday, February 13, 2009

What you mean to me - from your husband.


Often, your family and friends don't get to see what you mean to me because I'm a bit of a different person when I'm in public than when I'm in private. So I thought I would tell them all what you mean to me on your BlogSpot.

We have come a long way in twelve years together. In our youth, we were much more open with our affection towards each other. Now, I'm a lot more private with all my feelings and even I sometimes don't open up in private to you either. For whatever reason, I've tightened up my personal feelings and haven't really allowed them to come out.

Looking back when we were young, I thought of you all day long, literally. I'd write love notes in class to you. For every major holiday, I'd go all out for you, especially on Valentine's Day. We would even surprise each other with things on non-holidays. We never lacked passion when we were young.

Over time, our passion turned into what I feel was true love for each other. We respected each other more and at the same time we reserved the lovy dovy stuff for when we were alone together (I imagine this made it much easier for people to be around us). Because we have been together since high school, we have grown into adults together. We have seen every imaginable phase of love with each other only, which I see as something very special. Not many people get to experience that.

We are different any many ways. You yearn and reminisce about the days when we were more openly in love, whereas I am now a love hermit. I only show my love for you at home in private and I am a little embarrassed when I think about how we made out in public. Why this is, I don't know, maybe it's just the natural progression of things for men and women. Despite this, I feel that I love you more now, and in many more ways, than I did eleven or twelve years ago. Now that Olivia is in the picture, life with you is so different. I see things daily that make me love you more. When Olivia learns something new because you were doing an activity with her, it's just an example of how my love for you grows daily. You do things to help the family; make sacrifices that show your care and devotion to us. These things mean the world to me.

Our lives, the way that our day flows, is all based on you. You dictate the mood and the experience of our daily lives. When you're having a bad day so am I. When your spirits are through the roof, so are mine. That is such a wonderful thing to me, that the order of our lives depends on you. It shows just what a special person you are. If you were taken from my life, then it would crumble.

Everything in this post, you already knew. So why did I write it? Because I want friends and family to know what you mean to me. Perhaps next time one of your friends or family sees us together, instead of seeing a bickering couple, seemingly on the edge with each other, maybe they will see a raging inferno of love that forms new experiences every day. That's the way I see things.

Above is one of my favorite pictures. It shows us exhausted after the birth of Olivia. It seems like we go through this very same emotion every day together. Exhausted, but in love.


Anonymous said...
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GloryandGrace said...

I love this, and I know it made your Valentine's Day that much more sweet and memorable :) I love you!

Amber said...

What a sweet expression of love. Thank you for sharing!

Colorado Dreamin' said...

How sweet!

Funderstorm said...

Wow...having known you when you were obnoxiously lovey dovey :) I'm glad to read this. When one is young and "in love" they cannot fully understand a love that "Many waters cannot quench" (King Solomon)...that time and commitment to each other and God give a depth only attained through time. Keep guarding your hearts and loving each other in their love only gets better!

Love and Blessings,