Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please pray!

To all my praying friends and family, please pray for my dear friend Beth. She was diagnosed with a glioblastoma about two and a half years ago. Every day since then has been a blessing from God for her, her husband, and their four BEAUTIFUL little girls, one of whom I had the privilege of teaching. They are in Kindergarten, 1st, 4th, and 5th grades, and being back at my old school has allowed me to see them all often.

Beth's health despite the tumor has been uncharacteristic for her diagnosis but is no real surprise to her. Her faith in God is so deep and evident. She even told me a couple months back that she wouldn't change anything. She accepts the situation she's in and uses it to glorify God.

This last week, her scan showed the tumor had grown about a cm in a three-week span, as opposed to the typical mm or so. Please keep her, her family, and her doctors in your prayers as they plan the next course of action. Pray for a miracle, and for strength and peace for each family member through their storm. Thanks!

Full of joy, the sense of humor is intact! Hat says, "No Hair Day."

The girls at the school talent show last year - so sweet!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm not convincing

The other night, Livy asked Aaron if she could watch Monsters, Inc., her current favorite movie. He thanked her for asking so nicely and said that we couldn't watch it at that time, so she folding her hands in the begging position (Where'd she learn that?!) and asked if she could "puhweese watch Monsers."

He said, "We can't watch it right now, but you are very convincing."

To that she replied, "I'm not Convincing; I'm Olivia!"

This afternoon in the Kindergarten class, one sweet girl made a little craft for me and told me I could put anything in it I wanted. When I asked her for a suggestion, she said I could put a dog in it. I drew a puppy and said her name is Gracie, like my dog. Her jaw dropped, and she told me, "I have a dog named Gracie. I used to have a dog named Muffin, but she died and is in heaven now."

I went along with the whole pets-go-to-heaven-thing (because they do) and said, "Oh, wow. So now she's healthy and happy."

Sweet Girl said, "Well...God IS pretty nice."

Cute. And from the heart.