Thursday, June 3, 2010

Livyisms and Happy One Month!

Wow, Lily! I can't believe you are already one month old and how much you've grown! You bring us so much joy, delight, and love, just like your big sister.

Now, a Few Livyisms:

Olivia always checks on Lily when she's making noises. We let her know she's ok, she just "talks" to us by crying or making other baby noises. Since Lily grunts and stretches a lot, we tell Olivia, "She's ok, she's just grunting." The other day Livy responded to the little Noisemaker by saying, "She's ok, Mommy; she's just GRUMPING." So now, of course, we always refer to those sweet sounds as grumping.

Unlike her baby sister, Olivia is the Queen of all Sleep-Fighting. After bedtime, she snuck out of her room, so Daddy said, "Livy, if you get out of bed again, we will have to close your door." Little Turkey responded, "No, Daddy. How 'bout if I get out of bed TWO times you close my door."

Big Sister LOVES to care for her baby. Sometimes too much. I asked her to not touch Lilian's swing while she was finishing her nap, and (shockingly) Olivia was trying to defy us. I got very stern with her so she stood on one foot next to the swing and sneakily put out her other leg. When she saw me shoot "The Look," she said, "I'm just doing my passe, Mommy," and made a pretty ballerina pose.

We have a STINK-ER on our hands. I couldn't be happier. ;-)