Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Lily!

Dear Little Lily,

It is amazing to be your mommy. You pulled one over on all of us, by making us all think you were the "easy" child who rests well and often and is content to sit back and be a spectator. Boy, were we wrong! Your activity level is second to none (your teacher of many babies attests to this!), and your zeal for life is both contagious and exhausting! It's so beautiful to watch you grow and learn. While reminiscing about your first year, I came up with a list of some of the things about you that I truly adore:

*You give the best cuddles and hugs to your family by leaning your sweet little face into our shoulders.
*You inherited Daddy's red hair and the personality to go with it. I'm impressed by just how powerful your tantrums are. That said, we'll be working on that one, Honey.
*Your love for animals is so sweet! Whenever you see Gracie or "our" horses, you light up, giggle, and start patting your chest as if saying "more" or "I WANT IT!"
*You think your big sister hung the moon. She brings about a particular smile in you that I don't see otherwise.
*You're a biter. You can't get enough things in your grasp to, teethers, bottles, carpet threads, fingers, friends, etc. OUCH! But it's still somehow endearing.
*Like your sister, you didn't waste any time learning to walk. Your first steps were at 9 months.
*You wobble like a Weeble, only you DO fall down.
*Your poor little forehead is a collection of bruises and boo boos, but it doesn't slow you down.
*While your pincer grasp is just fine, there's no place for it in your high chair. Why waste time when shoveling fills the tummy so much faster.
*You made it through a string of too many ailments for several months and still kept a happy attitude. It DID allow for extra time off for Mommy and extra snuggle/bonding time.
*There is only one way to drink a hand on the bottle and the other tousling your hair (or mine).
*You have hair now!!! And it's even a bit red and curly. So pretty; it was worth the wait. :-)
*As a little bitty thing, your ears were so prominent! For your sake, I'm glad you've grown into them, but they were oh, so cute, and I did love calling you "Ears."
*When asked if you want a bottle, you laugh and run to the kitchen. Good luck, Dearie, during this weaning process. I hate to burst your bubble, but I also want your teeth to stay healthy and beautiful.
*"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" soothes you when nothing else in the car will. In fact, other songs just make you more irritated, but you'll do the motions to this one.
*Music makes you bend your knees and shake your hips; you can't help but dance.
*Your birth was very exciting; you didn't want to miss a second of this life and were one of a small population to emerge face first. You didn't even have the bruising and swelling you should have...only a serious case of frog legs for a few weeks. ;-)
*Your laugh used to resemble a bee bee gun. That was a fun stage.
*A-yee-ya (Olivia), ba-ba (bottle), ma-ma, and da-da were your first words. You have your priorities straight, Sister!

I love you so, and I'm looking forward to another year of special memories to be made.