Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

Phew! My first semester, I mean trimester, symptoms totally seeped into my second! I've been tired and GRUMPY. I kept hearing this mean and naggy wife, momma, and teacher that I don't like at all but just couldn't seem to do anything about it. I was in a fog and felt worthless.

BUT, the past few days, I feel like the old me again. I'm not a zombie. I'm nice to my family. And at school today, I just wanted to pinch my students' cheeks and tell them I love them. (Before, I just wanted to pinch them.) While I'm not energetic, I feel like I can finally muster up enough strength to clean this dumpy home of ours.

This pregnancy and baby are SUCH a blessing, no matter how I feel at times. Thanks to God for carrying my family and I through the tougher times, and much praise for the happy and easier times, too!

(First glimpse of baby and that beautiful BEATING heart.)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A peek into my world

One of my student's pictures...her mom's caption said, "Tigger would prefer that we don't return."

This sweet student of mine described herself as "Bossy, loud, and dramatic." She may or may not have left the classroom to follow me to the bathroom one day, I can't rightly say. However, she is the most lovable girl I've ever met. She pretty much decides she loves and adores you upon first meeting and is affectionate, friendly, social, and tender-hearted. I won't lie, though, this darling makes me sigh and laugh quite frequently. 'Wouldn't have my classroom any other way but all in all, it's the most exhausting group I've ever taught.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mild Update

Nothing wild going on here... Just trying to keep up with a fast-paced life, enjoy all the blessings that come with it, and stay awake and non-grumpy though pregnancy hormones kinda defeat that endeavor at times. A few updates on our little (but growing bigger) family:

~Our little Bun in the oven is 16 weeks along! This pregnancy has been WAY easier than Livy's in many ways. I've not been as sick to my stomach, as sad or weepy, or even as busy. (With the first one, I taught and worked about 20 hrs/wk at an hourly child care center.) However, I have had a tough time not worrying about the health/wellness of this babe, and it's very different being pregnant when you already have a child. Forget about the catnaps after work or relaxing in the evenings. You don't feel well and are overcome by fatigue...suck it up and make dinner, Momma! Thankfully, I have a sweet husband and daddy for my little girl that has made up for my deficiencies.

~Halloween brings about so many fun events for a preschooler. Our little Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (Guess who pick out that one!) trick-or-treated at the high school, paraded at her school, attended a library event, went to a Boo Bash in the park, and hung out with little buddies at a huge church festival. Luckily, we didn't even end up with that much candy afterward.

~We made it to the circus with Aunt Becky and cousins Alan, Jessie, and Jackson last month. Aaron and Becky each took Livy on an elephant ride. She was very tired during the show but was super excited to ride the elephants. The cutest part was watching Olivia love on Jackson and seeing how enthralled Jackson was by the entire show. His bright blues were glued to the performances. Livy fell asleep before we could get out of the parking lot. :-)

~I NEED two things right now in my life: jalapeno peppers (LOTS!) and pickles. Why is that? Surely pickled peppers and cucumbers don't have anything vital to a pregnant woman's body, so why do I crave them?

~Livyisms - "Ban-Bans" are now "Band-Aids." Boo. "Birds" are now "Birgs." Adorable. "Thirsty" is somehow "Grosee." I love it.

A couple weeks ago we were in the car telling each other sweet things. Like "I love you SO much!"..."I love YOU so much, too!"

"You're cute!"..."No, YOU'RE cute!" ...Etc.

I told her, "You're my BEST friend!"..."No, Mommy, Synee is my best fwiend."

Aaron called a bit later and I told him his daughter just broke my heart and explained how. We laughed at how cute it was. A few days later she said, "Momma, you're my BEST friend!" When I told her how much that meant to me she said, "You're heart is not broken anymore?" How sweet it is to be loved and cared for by a three-year old!

~For the past two nights, Livy has stayed dry through the night!!! That's like getting a small raise. The negative side to this is that she wakes up and cries every time she has to "go" during the night, but we can work on breaking her of that after she is in the habit of getting up to go potty. I'm equally proud of her for growing up so nicely and sad because she is growing up so quickly.

~I have quite a doozy of a class this year. Our classroom is filled with cute and sweet third graders, but compared to other third grade classes, this one is filled with more tears, accidents, arguments (with me and each other), medical issues, and Dennis the Menaces than any other. Thankfully, I've pretty much fallen head over heels for all these kiddos, even though they make me tired. Very tired. I just keep telling myself it's better to have this class this year when I can sleep at night than next year when I'll be sleep-deprived. Watch for an upcoming post where I share a sneak peek of my students.