Monday, February 23, 2009

God is so Good

I didn't catch it all - she's less interested in singing when the camera is out - but this warms my heart!

And, like the doof I can be, I don't know how to edit the video, and rather than figure it out, I am posting it as is. It give a glimpse of the whole boundary-testing thing.


Anonymous said...

So funny! Love it when you ask her to get on the couch, she gets that little look in her eye, and takes 3 giant frog jumps across the couch before sitting down - ah, toddlerhood!

She is just precious & we miss her (all of you!) so much.

Amber said...

So cute!

Ah, that means we have so looong to go... Already Sophia has trouble obeying in the little things!

And by the way, your last comment on my blog cracked me up! Olivia was trying on a bra?!? Man, as if they don't grow up fast enough already, they have to try to grow up even faster! ;)

Anonymous said...

little one said, "goodnight!" - priceless-funny! :) No, he's not much of a baby anymore.

The girls did the letter H did both of my dachshunds. :D