Saturday, February 28, 2009

About a million pics

We've had lots of fun lately. I took Livy and Samantha (our precious weekend friend) roller skating for Valentine's Day. My parents always made it a point to do something sweet and special for us on Valentine's Day when we were growing up, and I want to pass on the tradition. Taking Olivia to the skating rink I used to skate at when I was a preschooler seemed like a fun way to do that.

It was SO fun teaching her something new, and she tried to skate like the girl on Ice Princess and would dramatically fall down and hold her ankle when she did. So funny, that girl.

Samantha the Love Bug loved holding my hand and skating with me. Did Olivia? Of course not! "'Scuse me, Momma," she would say as she gently pushed my hand away. She didn't even want me close to her once she got the hang of it. It was such a blast!

We followed that up with meeting up with Daddy to go to a Valentine's Party at the library. Our friend Cutter (one of the boys I nannyed for last year) met up with us just befor we left the rink and partied with us as well. It was fun, but too chaotic to get many pics there. Here are some photos and a video clip of the Chicken Dance (ignore the wobbliness on the video and the "I'm GAY" on the carpeted wall behind Livy in one pic):


Carissa said...

That is too cute. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful valentine's day. She's doing well at the chicken dance. So which skating rink did you go to? I took Julie to the skatium a while back, she loved knowing I used to work there in high school. We are going to see Elmo Live today! Wish us luck!

GloryandGrace said...

I LOVE that closeup of you and Livy :)