Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Life

Well...maybe this is not the best time for 30 posts in 30 days. At least it got me posting a bit more for a short while! I've gone back to work almost full time as a substitute teacher and am spending a lotta time on job hunting/app-filling-out/shmoozing/dropping off resumes/etc. That doesn't leave much time for blogging fun. My "extra" time is spent on domestic things, watching "Litha" - as Livy calls our 4-year-old weekend friend, planning fun activities, and having family quality time. OK, OK, I also sleep a bit more now (this is taking some adjusting!) and sometimes (oftentimes) I just fall into a vegetative state that leaves me unable to put sensible sentences together. So this is just a quick little post to record some of the things going on that make my world go round.

~Livy is now in to explanations. She says, "...beeeee-cause (gibber,gibber,gibber,gibber,gibber)." The other day, I was trying to get her pumped up to see Miss Babysitter. When I asked if she was excited, she said she was not "beeeee-cause...I wanna Daddee." Wow. Melted his heart. She got quite a bit of Daddy the next morning before he had to drop her off at the sitter's house.

~Current childcare situation: This has been a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride. Her sitter is not close to my jobs, and has not completely worked out (partially b/c I've worked for several weeks and have yet to receive a paycheck). So Uncle Adam is spending the next week and a half with her. Daddy's day off is Monday, so she's with a parent Saturday - Monday. Then we'll have two weeks for Christmas Break when she will be with MOMMY. Then I'll take her to a Christian Daycare center if we can swing the price tag. It's hardly more than in-home care, and I am way more comfortable with this place, plus it comes with a couple glowing recommendations. The main financial drawback is that I pay even when I don't have a job lined up for the day. I've been pretty booked up, though. We'll see.

~My little girl is READING! Well, maybe not to the naked eye. She's actually 'prereading.' (My college of ed profs would have loved this post.) She's enjoyed looking at books for a while, but a couple weeks ago she started to pick them up, point to the text, and tell a story while following the lines of text with her index finger from left to right. It's so CUTE! I can understand the story sometimes, but sometimes she gets so carried away, I just can't keep up. Her favorite letters are O and B, and she's pretty good at recognizing O,K,P,A,B, and C - the first three and her initials. Potty-training has been slowed by me returning to work, but she eagerly "potties" when I take her and can go an entire afternoon w/o accidents when I'm with her. She's excited about "big giwl pannies" and flushing. She'll also point out triangles, ovals, circles, squares, hearts, and stars. All right. I'm finished being THAT mom - you know, the one who goes on and on about how brilliant her child is. (Well, finished for now.)

~Our past couple days have been filled with such a sweet bundle of joy as we've been able to meet and spend some sweet moments with Baby Levi and his Mommy. Olivia was so excited to see the baby and talked all about him on the way to the hospital. She even wore her Dallas Mavs cheerleader outfit w/ her snowboots and scarf, and she (and her dad) bought a soft teddy bear in a bunny costume, balloon, and personalized baby basketball to bring the new baby. When she saw Stef, she got all excited and forgot about the baby for a moment as she was asking where Fifi was. Sorry Honey - no dogs in the hospital, not even Phoebe. I'd love to post some of the silly things my friend said in her drug-induced fog, but I should check with her on that first. She was pretty funny yesterday, but she's making sense again today.

~Fortunately/Unfortunately, Aaron was actually able to join us to meet this little guy as his employer has cut his hours by almost 25%. My, oh, my. I guess that's what happens when your stock is so low and has even dropped to TWO CENTS! What will happen? Who knows. Not him or me. Thankfully, God does. We just have to trust Him and do our best to live faithfully for and with Him, as much as can be possible.

Wow. That was long with lots of rambling. That can happen at midnight:thirty. I am now off to bed, for I have a classroom full of unruly 5th graders (three classes, actually) that are just dying to act out for this sub. You remember those days, don't you? At least these kids know my name - yesterday, Kindergartners called me Miss Fishingrod. No lie. I shall drink my doubleshot of espresso in the morning, and with God's help, I will be victorious. OK. I really need to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mrs. Fishingrod is much better than Mrs. Nimrod or Mrs. Pinhead! ;)

Praying for peace and rest for you during all of this.

GloryandGrace said...

Sometimes ramblings are the best kinds of posts!

We're praying for you right now, particularly in regard to the financial situation. I know it's difficult, and I know there are days when it's hard to trust and have patience. I hope you'll continually seek the Lord as you persevere~

I LOVE YOU!!! I think YOU are beatutiful (I like your way of spelling it, heehee)