Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Funny Story, Zoo Visit

Happy Birthday, Kelliebeans!
I feel like something is missing without a silly frog cartoon or Peanut birthday card for you, but I didn't put up a calendar this year and missed birthdays and cards for everyone. (Hmm, I have an idea for a New Year's Resolution...) Thankfully, there's Facebook, so I at least know it's your birthday on the day of. I'm thankful to have such a positive, loving, FUN, creative, nurturing, and all-around-great cousin and role model in my life. I hope your day is wonderful from start to finish.

Tonight, Aaron went in to check on Olivia after she went to bed. She was quiet and in bed but still awake (of course). He leaned over her to give her another kiss when she saw him, but she put her hands up on his chest to stop him before he could. She demanded, "What are you eating?" She didn't believe him when he said nothing. Then she responded disapprovingly, "CHIPS." Daddy was so amused she was checking up on him and could tell by smelling him what he was snacking on. She was not happy with him, but perhaps she can have a few chips to snack on tomorrow. I'm not lined up to work in the morning, even though I keep logging in to see if any sub jobs have been posted for Tuesday. I hope nothing shows up. :-) I want to lounge in the morning, hang with my girlie, and rest my toe. I ruthlessly slammed it into the door frame tonight and am walking funny. Yeah, I'm seriously lacking in gracefulness.

On to the zoo visit...Livy, Kolten (her former classmate from daycare), and Kylie (Kolten's new little sister) spent a day at the zoo and were thoughtful enough to bring Tiffaney and me along for the ride. Visiting the zoo is probably my favorite thing to do with children, though B&N book club meetings are pretty special, too. While at the zoo, we had a blast with each other. There were babies all around! Kylie was ever-so-popular with Big Bro and Liv (and another random kid who tried to love on her). OK, and me, too. I enjoyed every chance I had to coo at her and hold her. Such a calm, patient, mild infant. Just like Olivia and Kolten were. (Big HA to that one!!) There were also lion and tiger cubs and some giraffe babies, but they paled in comparison. I am really quite in love with all three babies in my life right now. Every thought of them makes me smile. I got a little off track - here are the zoo pics!

The rhinos and orangutans were cuddly, Livy worked to pacify her little friend (and scared the mess outta me in the process), and the look-alikes each napped during our visit. Have you ever seen such gorgeous red hair? The kids were all so good, and Olivia even took herself for a walk while holding the tail of her leash, I mean backpack. Yes, I'm the mom who uses a leash. I mean, backpack. In my defense, I'm convinced it's far more humane and safe than a stroller in Liv's case. She loves to walk, but I can still keep my little runner safe from leaving my sight even when I blink.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a sweet Happy Birthday. I think you know the feeling's mutual! The only way it could be any better (unless I could be, like, 23 again) is if ALL my family was here. Mom and Dad brought me Grandma Kate! :) Think y'all could hop, skip and jump over to AZ for dinner, cake and Christmas lights?!

Livy is more beautiful than ever. We need to plan a visit soon - Jay is still calling her "Baby Livy," but she's not so much the baby anymore. She's quite the young lady!

I used the leash with Delaney. I say better safe than sorry!