Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm So Bad!!

Really, only two posts for June? No new posts in over two weeks. Sheesh. I get a serious case of bloggers block. Writing, creative ideas, and sharing are not my forte. But I figured if I just start a post, something will be better than nothing. At least it will keep this habit of blogging once in a while going until I have something post-worthy. So, with that, here I go...

8 tadpoles minus 1 tadpole (tear, very small one) = 3 of the tiniest frogs I've ever seen and 3 tadpoles with big mouths and little frog legs

Livy is super excited about them and wants to see them daily. "Momma, tahpohs, lehs, frohs," she tells me. (For those who don't speak 1-yr-old, this means, "Hello Mother. Take a look at these fine little tadpole friends. They now have legs and are toward the end of the metamorphosis process.") The only problem is the smell. Oh, my. It's horrid. But I dream of being the mom that does neat nature projects, bakes with the kids, works on creative crafts and activities, and makes their childhood a fun and memorable time in their lives. All children deserve that, so I will live with the smell until they've grown enough to drop them off at the pond. (The frogs, I mean, not the kid.)


Stephanie Robertson said...

oh you make me smile!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, if you ever really wanted to drop Livy off at the pond, I know of one in faaaar West TX - no water, very safe, lots of love! ;) You're a great mom, Jenny!

GloryandGrace said...

So great! I'm glad to know that you're willing to live with the smell so that Livy can even now be participating in such fun learning!!

And, just for the record, I miss you lots!!! :)

Anonymous said...

ckmb = creating keepsakes message board. Sorry 'bout that; it's just like when I'm supposed to be giving the driver directions to our destination -
I assume everyone knows what I'm talking about! :)