Thursday, July 17, 2008

How is that even possible?

So, the other morning I step on the scale because morning is supposed to be the best time for this kind of thing (before eating or drinking). I was less than happy with the number displayed, so I thought taking my shoes off would have to help, right? WRONG! 1/2 a pound more. Which leads to the title of this post. Hmph. Oh well, it did give me a good laugh.
(Note: This is not actually my photo, but we can pretend this is what my scale said. He, he.)


GloryandGrace said...

When did I last weigh 126? Oh right, back in college when I was still on a Dr. Pepper and candy diet. How was that possible?!?!? I sometimes wonder if I'll ever see that number again :)

Stephanie Robertson said...

ha! 126. I think I was in college too... when I got back from Paris (where I ate nothing and walked everywhere). Let's hope I can keep up the recommended 1 lb a week... because I still have 21+ weeks to go!!!