Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dancing with her Daddy

While listening outside Livy's door after bedtime, I heard some sweet little happy sounds. I used my motherly detective skills and figured she might not still be in bed. Until now, when she gets out of bed, she tries to get to Mommy and Daddy or cries just inside her door. Tonight, she got out of bed to play. When I opened the door, I found her in her Cinderella ("Love") dress-up skirt twirling and singing. It was so cute. I wanted to tell her what a beautiful princess she is, but settled for putting her back to bed with a hug, kiss, and "I love you." Princess time can resume tomorrow, but tonight she needs her sleep. We're pretty used to all things princess around here. Livy even gets Daddy in on it.

Olivia talks Daddy into wearing Cinderella's glass slippers. They fit him like they did the ugly step-sisters.

The princess gives a dance lesson. The Gray Ghost watches from outside.

Not related, just cute. Posing for the camera is new for Olivia.


GloryandGrace said...

Precious! How fun that she's starting to pose for the camera, too :)

Stephanie Robertson said...

Olivia's a lucky girl to have her daddy dance with her. Does Aaron realize that how luck he is though? Two of the most beautiful women in the world to dance with him at his beck and call.