Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bedtime...or is it?

7:10 - Bath time
7:25 - Dry off; jammies on
7:32 - Find the leftover mac 'n cheese Mom forgot to clear off the table and eat it
7:40 - Blow dry the hair
7:46 - Brush teeth; final potty break; trim bangs..."No, Honey, you don't get a turn at this. I'm sorry."
7:54 - The Child hands out reading assignments for Dad, Mom, and Self.
7:59 - Prayers, hugs, kisses
8:05 - Daughter learns how to turn on the light in her room. Lots of excitement.
8:08 - Light is now off. For good.
8:15 - Ah, peace. Quiet. Is our Girl asleep?
8:20 - Mad rush from her room to the bathroom. Something about pottying is muttered. Mom goes in to monitor. Cinderella Barbie has stripped down to her tiara and is sitting over the bowl. Daughter is quite proud of this one. "Love has to go potty." Oh, no she doesn't.
8:30 - Sheepish Girl reemerges from room. "Can I have a hug?" Very sweet puppy dog face. Quick hug. NOW BACK TO BED. Looking at t.v., "OH, I wanna watch game!?" Mom says no; Dad caves in to pressure. She's good. Really good. Livy commentates: "Circle!...Uh, oh...Yea!...Go Sooners!"
8:40 - Back to bed. (Mom is scowling at Dad, though she does regret not capturing the moment with camera.)
8:44 - Kid runs out of room with pjs mostly off, dragging behind one foot. "I'm WET." Jammies and wet diaper quickly handed to Mom before nakedly running to bathroom. Successful potty break.
8:48 - New diaper, jam-jams back on, back to bed, back rub with a very firm hand so Child can not escape.
8:55 - Mom heads back to computer to record events from a hairy but fun night.
9:08 - Mischievous child comes into living room with outstretched hands for a hug. Denied. Returned to bed with door now shut. Tears. Mom sighs. Sooners make a touchdown (on the DVR).
9:09 - Quiet. Longer sigh from Mom.

9:20 - Mom checks on Child to find her sneaking around her room. Mom considers tethering said Child to dollhouse toddler bed. Mom settles on a bit of hair-tousling and hopes she's not setting family up for crazy bed times for the next two weeks.
9:25 - Child locates heartbeat. More excitement. Mom is proud but seriously hopes blog post is nearing an end.
9:30 - Mom awakens to Little Girl stroking her cheek. She's touched and has no fight left in her. Goes back to sleep in hopes of setting a good example.
9:55 - Mom wakes up but can not move due to countless cricks in body. Mom wiggles herself into upright position to see Sweet Daughter FINALLY sleeping. Like an angel.

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Anonymous said...

Yep. That's how it goes here, too. But, like they say, this too, shall pass. And unfortunately, it passes all-too-soon. Enjoy that toddler bed while you can!