Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Update

People say when it rains, it pours, and it sure feels that way sometimes. But when the storm clears, and life starts to get back to normal, everything sure feels blissful. That's where it feels like we're getting!

Olivia got sick in the middle of April and stayed sick for about two months. She had two positive Strep tests. Ran a fever off and on (got pretty high at times). Went through three rounds of antibiotics. Had four doctor visits. Took WAY more Childrin's Motrin than I feel comfortable giving her, though never more than the box said to. Woke up during the night crying, sometimes hourly, always nightly with fever, sore throat, and (I think) body aches. Thank God for her feeling better for over a week now! She is running around like a mad hooligan, eating like a piggie, and sleeping like a baby. I couldn't be happier!

Our water heater went kaput on us, ruined flooring in two rooms of our house, and brought a mold problem. Lovely thing to happen as one income disappears for the summer and Aaron's new job is just beginning. But now, thanks to my parents and their trusty plumber/handyman/friend, we have hot water available for our every need! Having a water heater that's not 70's brown is just an added bonus! :o)

Losing a job when your company goes bankrupt is a tough obstacle, especially in this economy. Three months w/o a paycheck is rough when the household income was modest to begin with! Aaron is about a month and a half into his new job and absolutely loves it!!! Income is better, more professional environment, competent and caring management, friendly coworkers, and more enjoyable work. I'm proud of my husband for working so hard to find a great job, being a great stay at home dad during that time, and doing so well in school. Only EIGHT more weeks until you're finished with your Bachelor's, Babe. Though there's no doubt in my mind you'll continue your education, now it will be on your own timetable - no more weekly deadlines looming over you!

After working full-time as a sub last year, I was offered a job teaching third grade (my favorite!) with the wonderful team I spent the last two months of the school year teaching with. I couldn't be happier. I'd be lying if I said it's not hard to be officially going back to work full-time with a precious little girl at home, but I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to stay home with her for more than a year, for Aaron's time to be at home with her, for our summers we'll spend together, and for her excellent preschool. Working as a full time teacher totally beats working as a full time sub, especially on pay day!

Another great thing is that I was able to join a fitness camp offered (for free) at my church. I've done it for two weeks and love it! I have more energy than I've had in the past three years and eight months. For a while, I've wanted to work towards a healthier me, and this is the perfect opportunity. Still all ??? pounds of me are here, but they sure feel great. I love it! Did I say that already?

Aaron is on a similar road to physical fitness. He's about to be playing softball two-three nights per week and is exercising additionally to prepare.

We have so much to be thankful for, now more than ever - a loving family, a precious little girl who's about to turn three, a happy home, our health, our needs being provided for, and a God who loves us and gives us all these things and more.

Since I can't finish a post without a cute Olivia story, here we go:

(Boy, I hope I didn't already type this. I think I'm already getting old. Is it possible to sweat off brain cells?)

One morning last week, Livy Lu did her dramatic sob while Daddy was getting ready for work. When he asked what was wrong, she said, "I don't wanna go to wowk, Daddy. Beeecause I wanna Daddy stay hewe." Five minutes later, she exclaimed, "You'we SO hansome, Daddy!" I had to get the mop out because Aaron turned into a big pile of goo.


Anonymous said...

Wow - so much going on with you guys! But, I'm SO glad to hear how well everything is turning out now. God has answered your prayers in such a wonderful way. I especially like your awesome attitude about needing to return to work (I'll be needing one before much longer, too).

Livy's strep bouts remind me of a certain little man I know. He just couldn't shake the ear infections for about a year and a half. Poor babies...and mommies. ;)

You Little O Wife said...

I can hear the joy in your post- so glad things are working out for good! Not that I'm surprised...that tends to happen. :) Also, I am inspired by your fitness program! Thanks for sharing the great update.