Monday, June 1, 2009

All Better Now

Livy is just getting over her second run-in with Strep in the last two months, and while my poor baby was miserable, puny, and needy as a newborn, I'll always treasure these past few days.

My girl is quite independent and, while I wish she didn't feel awful and run a 104 fever, I love how much she wanted to cuddle with her mommy. She even wanted me to smother her, sleep next to her, and told me on Friday when I came home from work, "I'm so glad you're here wis me, Mommy." I will always treasure that sweet little statement of appreciation that was accompanied by a melt-together-kind-of-hug.

Also, here are a few pics from a Mother's Day get-together:

Olivia just HAS to kiss her little cousin, Jackson!

With that face, can you blame her?

A quick cuddle with (Great) Granbetty

Oh, and during bedtime prayers the other night, she wanted to tell God thank you for "all the ABCs." That girl. Makes me laugh and smile all the time.


GloryandGrace said...

ABC's are important!

I LOVE that picture of her and Granbetty :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that picture of Livy and Granbetty is precious!

Every time I see a new picture of that sweet girl I hardly recognize her, she's growing up so fast! Give her kisses from all of us!