Friday, October 17, 2008

Potty Training Experts?

Any experts on potty training out there? We've been prepping for a while and officially started (then stopped) the other day. Olivia never went in the potty. I even set the timer to beep every thirty minutes to take her in to try, but she wet before the timer went off after 22 or 26 minutes. Does this mean she's not ready? I took it to mean that. Back in diapers, but she seems to keep them dry longer than panties. I'm sort of wondering if she was just in a hurry to change panties so she could try on the next princess. Maybe I should look for a pack of black and gray panties that aren't as exciting. I know I should read a book or two about potty training, but honestly, I know I'd read a few pages and lose the book for a few days. It takes FOREVER for me to get through a book. I blame my ADDOS: Attention Deficit Disor-OH, Sparkles! So, any thoughts from the experienced ones?


Anonymous said...

I've gotta tell ya, I've always been laid-back when it came to PT - if they aren't ready, they aren't ready, you know? With C and J, once they actually went in the potty, it clicked and they got it. D was a totally different story, but there were too many different people "helping."

Anyhoo, what I did was to over-emphasize how yucky wet (and messy) felt as I changed a wet - or messy - diaper/training pants. I'd sit them on the potty if it'd been a while since they'd gone, and we'd read or watch a movie together for what seemed like forever - sometimes they'd go, sometimes not. What worked well with D and J was "Do you feel the 'tickle'?" They associated a ticklish feeling with the "hey, I've gotta pee" feeling. :)

But all of that said and done, it was really trial & error (with a lot more error!). She'll figure it out, and when she's ready, it'll happen. Just keep giving her the clues and the means, kwim? Good luck!

Stephanie Robertson said...

Deb told me her technique that really worked with Andie. You can talk to her about it at the shower, or I can tell you what I remember of what she told me.

I do think that plain jane old panties would be better though, and that she would have to earn the right to wear a princess by staying dry.

Panda-Mom said...

All I know is what NOT to do: I stressed Zoe out so much that she started to stutter!!!...and as a Speech Therapist I KNEW I was doing it to her. Just let it happen, I say! ; )