Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back in business

After what seems like a very long time without "working," I have a job again! I've spent three months in limbo now. The plan was to teach four days each week at a private school, but enrollment didn't make, so now I plan on watching a few kids at home to bring in a bit of moolah. Unfortunately, Haltom City is not at the hub of an affluent area and is kinda far off from everyone I've talked with thus far. This time has been a tremendously amazing blessing since I've been able to spend it with Livy, but bills still need to be paid here! (I've given up on winning the lotto; perhaps my chances would have been greater if I bought tickets.) While I'm still unsure what the work week will look like for me, whether I really will be able to watch children or will go back to work, this is a great start!

Starting this weekend, I have the privilege of watching a darling four-year-old girl on the weekends while her mommy works for USPS. Last year I had a blast watching a four-year-old boy and one-year-old boy. Our days were filled with lots of playing, answering questions, singing, outings, sibling rivalry (my girl thought she had two brothers!) and all kinds of other fun stuff, and I can't wait to have another kiddo around again. Many, many thanks to God for this!

Since I'm unable to post new pics these days, I looked through some oldies and found some from a day in our lives last year. They kinda tell their own story.

He, he, would you let me watch YOUR children?


Carissa said...

hehe How cute! Well I will be praying for your new little one to be a blessing on the weekends. I WOULD let you watch my children, you are one of the best mother's I know, but I am currently watching them, lol. But we don't have any doggie doors here but maybe I can bring my two boys and use yours.

Carissa said...

Ha I also like the one where Livy has come out of the doggie door and now she is fixing her hair. too cute!

Anonymous said...

You can watch my kids anytime, anywhere - you know that! :) Can you start this weekend?!

Congratulations on the job - God is our great provider!

Love to all!