Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow Day!

We had such a blast Thursday. It was Olivia’s first snow day. There was a bit of snow last year, but she was too little to go out and enjoy it. She enjoyed the snow for about two minutes this time around! “Buw, cold!” she said. And we went in. Livy found plenty of things indoors to be amused with instead. We sang 100 verses of “The Wheels on the Bus” during our two hour drive home (usually on 25-30 minutes), shared some caramel apple cider – she LOVED it, filled the sink with water and played with toys in it, and munched on one of her favorite snacks, olives. Here are a few more special moments we shared:

Our doll takes care of her dolls. She never lets them sit in a wet diaper. Pictured above is 'Baby' in her new diaper. Interesting technique, Livy.

Yoga workout with Mommy

Looking for ideas of trouble to get in to!

Special Daddy-Daughter time before bed!


Stephanie Robertson said...

I LOVE the picture of her reading the strong willed child. Perfect :-)

Colorado Dreamin' said...

Great pics!!!! It was great seeing you at the shower and wedding. You guys are such a cute family!