Thursday, October 20, 2011

Because catching up is WAY more fun than doing my work right now!

Olivia's 1st day of Kindergarten!

Mom said we need to write this one down, so here goes... Love you, Mom!

On Olivia's first day of school, she was quite the celebrity around here. Grandma stopped by before work to send her off on her very big day. Daddy went to work a few hours late to take her to school. I dabbed at my tears so I wouldn't greet my 1st graders with black smears of my face. Lily ate 'bobbles.' OK, so nothing too unusual there; 'guess she didn't catch what the fuss was about. ;-) And some excited family members called to see how it went. But the first day of Kindergarten is pretty exhausting for a barely five-year-old! Especially if it's followed up with spending extra time at school while Momma works, making the trip to the development center to pick up the baby, and commuting home. So when Grandma called after school to hear about it, the tired girl sleepily asked, "Grandma, can you just ask me the questions, and I can answer you in my head?" No surprise, Grandma was fine with that.

Mommy tries to keep it together! Olivia is wearing my old dress from my first day of school.

Such a proud Daddy. I think they kinda like each other.

My girl is loving school! She was always so resistant with me about learning to read, and rather than push her (in this area) I only pursued when her interest was piqued, and I settled for reading lots of stories to her. The teacher in me loves reading to her anyway. However, since she's been in 'real' school, she works her little spongy tail off, soaking up so much! She's almost always reading and writing in her spare time. I. Love. It. And her teacher pulled me aside today to tell me that she made her high reading group. Maybe I'm bragging, but I've suffered through the heartache of enough 'red' days, that I'm ok with that! If only Olivia will stop pushing around her 'BBF,' as they call each other, who doubles her mass. Aye, aye, aye.

Also, she informed me this afternoon about a boy at her table who asked her, "Will you marry me?" and is just 'so in love with me.' Hmmm. I'll be watching you, Little Guy, always watching. Just so you know. ;-)

There's nothing better than sneaking peeks of my school-aged girl while at work in her room, eating in the cafeteria, or when transitioning to different places around the school, and those snuggles and kisses throughout the day just might be what get me through this school year (along with accompanying her to the field trip and hearing Olivia stories from my friends and colleagues)!

Left: The Bully; Right: The Victim; Still BBFs, though! (And the 'red' days are becoming fewer!)

And a quick Lily Report - (since it's 9:30 and I should think about getting started on a couple hours' worth of work and a quick house cleaning) This girl has my heart. After jumping out of her crib on Saturday morning, her bed magically transitioned to a toddler bed before naptime. The transition was seamless. I think she goes to sleep better now than in her crib! Phew. Because not a whole lot about that Little Lovins has been seamless. She plays with my heart when I pick her up from her school, and she withholds her hugs and kisses from me, all while grinning mischievously. Then she leaps out of my grasp to run up to other grown ups on the campus to hug them. Luckily the game is over when we get home, and she politely requests some snuggle time with me. She, too, is SO tired by the end of their long day. There is way more fussing going on than we'd prefer, but a little outdoor playtime, a visit to our horse neighbors('doggie - heEeEe'), a dance party, or a few rounds of Ring-Around-the-Rosie pretty much cure it.

Life is unbelievably tiring most of the time right now, and I feel like I'm constantly working on keeping a positive attitude and battling stress, exhaustion, and a lack of enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done, but I couldn't be more thankful. I have 22 amazing first graders who challenge & stretch me (and I mean ReeeEALLY challenge me!), make me laugh & and fill my heart with joy. Teaching them is really an honor. I have a husband who is patient, understanding, and encouraging when I deserve less than that. He's also fun to be around, CRACKS me up, and is ridiculously sweet with our daughters. And I have Those Girls. Throw in a whole slew of amazing family and friends, and who could ask for anything more!