Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Days

Ah, I'm sitting at the computer with a sick (boo!) baby, but she's sleeping comfortably on my chest. With a few minutes of quiet on my hands, I have a chance to post about life these days. Olivia is saying things that are just too cute to forget as time goes by! Let's see what I can remember as I'm sitting here...

Driving home from school the other day, she tells me in a sing-song voice, "Mommy, I have a new frieh-end." When I ask who it is she tells me, being careful to enunciate each syllable, "Martin Lufer King, Junior." She knows "people were not very nice to him," and "he's not on the Earf." (Wouldn't that make it tough to maintain a friendship?) When I asked why people weren't nice to him she told me, "I don't want to talk about it." Turns out she didn't know that part. K- so rereading that makes me realize that typing it leaves out so much of the cute, but I still want to remember it. :-)

That's all that comes to mind right now; I can't "bemember" any others.

Olivia attended Family Math Night with me at my school last week. Oh, boy, I'm looking forward to next year! She'll start Kindergarten in about half a year, and I'll pass my sweet girl in the hallways. :-)

"Lily Claire Sumshine," as Big Sister lovingly calls her, can't seem to shake this long line of infections lately. Over the past two and a half months she's been struck with Chicken Pox, at least two cold viruses, a stomach bug, an ear infection lasting almost two weeks on antibiotics, an allergic reaction & hives because of one of her antibiotics, and two staph infections - one took her toenail, and the other had to be lanced and packed a couple times. Throw in teething, and life has been tough around here at times.

In spite of all that, she's still a very happy baby and VERY active! Her activity level is amusing! Out of the eight babies in her class, her Mrs. Maria tells us she's the most active and will be the first to walk even though she's at least a month younger than the rest. (If you become the squeaky wheel, you get a REALLY amazing teacher at a childcare center, even if your baby is in a different age range. ;-) )

Lily Girl is saying "Mom-Mom," "Da-Da," "Ay-ah" for Olivia, "Bob-bob" for bottle, and she barks when she sees Gracie. She LOVES Gracie, but not as much as her sister. She tries to wake up and party around 3:00 or 4:00, clapping, smiling, and dancing. She loves blowing raspberries, dancing to music with Sister, and hunting down any and all electric cords around the house. It's hard to believe she's almost nine months old. They've been a beautiful whirlwind for us!

Lily at 6 months with Daddy; Olivia backstage with Aunt Jaime at her play; Play time at Christmas in Nashville; With Aunt Jaime after "Southern Belles;" Lily in Mommy's baby clothes; and Sweet Sisters


kelliebean said...

Oh my gosh - that last one is you and Becky all the way. :)

Jay still says "memember" for remember. Is it wrong that I don't encourage him to say it the right way? ;)

Finally got my Livy-Lily fix...thank you! Poor Lily girl - she's really had it. :( And Livy? Starting kindergarten already? No. Flippin. Way.

Okay, now I miss y'all even more. Love you guys!

Anjolee said...

My fav picture is playtime at Christmas in Nashville. They are so pretty.
So hope your little one can get well and stay well. That is tough.